Custom Jewelry, One of A Kind Art

Thanks to Daniel Grych and Syndi Simon for the beautiful photographs!.

Welcome to VorelArt

VorelArt is Kim Vorel - Jeweler, Educator, Maker.  My work includes custom jewelry, sculpture, and painting.  Browse through the pages to see what's new, check out workshop information, and see what my students have been working on.  Please feel free to contact me!


Art is what we reveal of ourselves and our place in the world.  Although we know intellectually that we are all on this planet together we rarely think about the ramification of our actions on the entire interconnecting web of our humanness. My work speaks to the manner in which all of humanity is interconnected; through our most basic and universal human needs, our search for spirituality, our interaction with our environment, our economic ties, or just understanding our need for personal connections.  I believe that we are all connected - through our relationships to our environment and to each other – something that is brought home over and over by global upheavals in the form of natural disasters and economic crisis that have forced us, at the very least, to consider our interconnectedness.  My work is about recognizing these connections and attempting to understand what they mean to each of us on a personal as well as on a global level.


Finding the visual vocabulary to express these concepts includes not only the consideration of imagery, but of material.  Often we think only of the construction of the form, and neglect the meaning associated with the materials themselves.  Copper – one of the most basic of metals, pervasively present in our lives though often overlooked, speaks to the basic connections between all of us.  Rice is food, sustenance, plain and universal.  Materials communicate without manipulation, but paired with the image or idea, the power of this silent, visual connection reaches to the heart of what we know to be true.  Material, form, and concept come together to stand as a single entity, and touch a place in us that cannot speak.


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Born and raised in the Midwest, I continue to live and work in the Great Lakes region of north central Illinois. 


I am the Manufacturing Product Manager for Dougherty Enterprises, Inc. in Woodstock, IL as well as teach workshops and maintain a studio from which I produce art and commissions.